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One pen to rule them all. Autoshapes objects + pressure simulation to give a natural feel in our online whiteboard

One Pen

In our online whiteboard use just a single pen

Pen, Brush, Basic Shapes, Lines, Arrows & Colors

Drawing Tools

Use a multitude of drawing tools

In our web whiteboard use the select tool to select object(s) and then apply controls like delete, change color, duplicate, lock/unlock

Select Tool

Easily select one or many objects

Zoom with mouse or pinch on the trackpad.  Use “fit-to-screen” to fit everything. Use pan tool or touchpad to move the canvas on the online whiteboard

Zoom / Pan / Touchpad

Zoom with mouse or pinch on touchpad

Drag and drop, copy and paste or use the upload icon to add as many images (PNG and JPG) as you like to the digitized whiteboard

Image Import

Our digital whiteboard app lets you add documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, RTF, CSV) and render them to the board.

Document Import

Import files to our digital whiteboard

Change users' roles between View-only to Contributor. Mute mouse-pointers as needed.

User Permissions

Change user roles

Create a shareable public view of your private board – with a unique URL. Tip: Specify title and board description


Create a shareable public view of a board

With our online whiteboard presentation mode on, as you pan or zoom everyone sees the exact same thing

Presentation Mode

Control what board participants see

Save as PNG and share any way you like

Export Board

Export PNG

Capture ideas on sticky notes. Change text and background color to fit your needs.

Sticky Notes

Add sticky notes to web whiteboard

Lock/Unlock one or multiple objects on the online whiteboard to avoid accidentally moving or deleting them.

Lock/Unlock Objects

Lock and unlock objects on our online whiteboard

Make drawing faster and easier – you’ll find the list of shortcuts in the help center on the board

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts

After an object is drawn on the online whiteboard drawing tool, select the object and then the gear icon to change line and fill color

Change Colors

Change text and object color

Draw and ideate in any direction. Use the pan tool to move around the canvas.

Infinite Canvas

Infinite canvas

Every board participant gets a uniquely colored mouse cursor so that you can see who’s drawing and who is away.

Mouse Cursor Avatars

Our mouse cursor avatars let you track everyone's location

Select object(s), then click one of the four arrows and it will create a copy towards direction.

Duplicate Objects

Duplicate objects on the whiteboard
Online whiteboard

Dojoit Online Whiteboard for Interstellar Visual Collaboration

Type Anywhere*

Just move the mouse to where you want the text to be added on the web whiteboard and type. Easy as that. Never lose your train of thought again.


* Patent Pending

Autoshape objects

On the Dojoit online whiteboard say goodbye to having to select a different tool every time you want draw a different shape.  Our pen tool automatically recognizes boxes, lines, circles, triangles and more as you draw.

One-click collaboration

Invite users with their email address and they’ll instantly get an invitation to join the online whiteboard app. Alternatively, send the board URL for users to request access, and approve with a single-click.

From the dashboard, select a board to rename it

Rename whiteboards

From the dashboard, select a board to duplicate it

Duplicate boards

From the dashboard, move boards to archive. If you later wish to un-archive, it’s a single click to move them back to your main list of boards

Archive boards

From the dashboard, click “Shared with me” to find every board that’s been shared with you.

Shared boards

If you’re using gmail, login using native Google Auth

Google Auth

You’ll get both e-mail and in-app notification when you’ve been invited to a board


Whiteboard and Account Management

Use Dojoit online whiteboard add-ons like Icons, Stickers, Wireframe objects, and pre-built Templates to communicate easier and faster

True Interstellar Online Whiteboard

Every interaction between board participants is rendered on the online whiteboard in real-time to make Dojoit feel as fluid as an in-person whiteboard. Easily write, draw and add images. What you do is instantly shown to all other participants.

We Take Your Security Seriously

Rest easy knowing privacy and security is built into the core of Dojoit online whiteboard. Check out our Security Practices.

Online Whiteboard Features

Our online whiteboard lets you collaborate faster than the speed of light

Dojoit Online Whiteboard Features

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