Best Visual Collaboration Tool for Virtual Teams

Whether you are a student, teacher, or professional, Dojoit's visual collaboration whiteboard gives you a shared learning space that takes your work and creativity to the next level.

Define vision, capture user and stakeholder feedback, manage features and roadmaps to deliver great products

Visual collaboration whiteboard for Product Management
Product Management

Visualize and define architectures, implementation options and
manage development cycles on the visual collaboration whiteboard

Visual collaboration whiteboard for Product Development
Product Development

Create innovative solutions to user needs through design thinking, rapid wireframing, and visual feedback on the collaboration whiteboard

Visual collaboration whiteboard for UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

Visualize challenges, brainstorm solutions, explore design proposals, and capture real-time feedback for solutions

Visual collaboration whiteboard for Engineering

Extend classroom engagement with remote teaching and collaborative homework assignments

Visual collaboration whiteboard for Educators

Take free-form text and visual notes that improve comprehension and retention on Dojoit's collaboration whiteboard

Visual collaboration whiteboard for Students

Accelerate client collaboration, execution and drive real-time visual engagement using Dojoit's collaboration whiteboard

Visual collaboration whiteboard for Consulting

Engage customers in a shared environment to shorten sales cycles

Visual collaboration whiteboard for Sales

Online Whiteboard Tool Inspiration

The visual conversation is a collaborative process for idea generation and decision making. It's a unique online whiteboard that lets you sketch out your ideas visually and write at the same time just typing at your mouse cursor position. Organize your thoughts the way you want to, and share them with your team. Dojoit’s flexible and easy to use canvas supports a wide range of use cases and inspires online teamwork.


It's not just the

Fastest Online Whiteboard

Draw & write texts without switching tools*. Take Visual Notes, Brainstorm & Collaborate without friction. 


Digital Workspace for Visual Collaboration: Add-ons

Add stickers
to express your feelings
Built-in stickers for Dojoit visual collaboration whiteboard
Add icons to quickly
express ideas
Built-in icons for Dojoit visual collaboration whiteboard
Create wireframes in a snap
Built-in wireframes for Dojoit visual collaboration whiteboard
Select templates to
inspire your thinking
Built-in templates for Dojoit visual collaboration whiteboard
We Take Your Security Seriously

Rest easy knowing privacy and security is built into the core of Dojoit's visual collaboration whiteboard. Check out our Security Practices.

Online Whiteboard for Brainstorming

Dojoit's visual collaboration whiteboard canvas supports real-time ideation for teams small and large. Engage everyone for easy mind-mapping, brain-netting, and starbursting, or any other technique you prefer. Add ideas asynchronously between sessions to keep the juices flowing.

Annotate on Whiteboard Collaboration Software

Capture and collect feedback from your team in real-time on concepts, ideas, drawings and images. Whether at an early stage of a concept to a nearly finalized design, the ease and speed of adding visual feedback in Dojoit make each session engaging. 

Delightfully Intuitive. Remarkably Zen.
Stay in the flow

Seamlessly move from typing to drawing without needing to select a different tool (patent-pending).

So easy, anyone can join

Our intuitive interface takes learning down to a minimum. Jump right in and start collaborating.

Visual team collaboration

Invite your team with a single click. Once they've joined the board, draw and create together.

Strategy and Planning

Conduct engaging remote planning sessions on our visual collaboration whiteboard, where everyone can participate regardless of location. Generate ideas, discuss, and build plans. Come back to the same board over and over again as you refine and track progress against your strategy.

Real-Time Meeting Notes

Take visual meeting notes on the fly on the visual collaboration whiteboard – letting everyone add their thoughts. Keep everyone in sync during the meeting and capture to-dos. Keeps memory of what everyone discussed, for easy reference later.

"The user experience with Dojoit is incredibly intuitive. Whether typing or drawing, the application seems to almost know what you're *trying* to do, and helps you do it better and faster."

Christopher C

"Dojoit is a remarkable tool when it comes to ad-hoc diagramming, specially for presentations and team meetings."

Raneesh G

"Dojoit has been a lifesaver as a whiteboarding tool when collaborating during team meetings, especially during the pandemic/WFH environment."

Gayan D
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Reduce Zoom Time
Reduce Zoom time using Dojoit visual collaboration whiteboard
Better Team Engagement
Improve team engagement with Dojoit visual collaboration whiteboard
Faster Ideation
Ideate faster using Dojoit's visual collaboration whiteboard

Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Fastest visual collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams, enabling real-time ideation, mind mapping, and brainstorming.

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