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Product Release v1.2.0.2: Mar 17, 2022

Batch Invite Participants To A Board

Batch import users

To make it easier to invite multiple participants to a board, you can now add multiple e-mail addresses at a time, separated by commas or semicolons. This is one of our most requested features!

Improved Social Share of Published Board for Twitter

Improved Social Share of Published Board for Twitter

When you now share a published board on Twitter, we automatically generate a nice Twitter Card with a thumbnail, title, and description for you. Here's a sample:

Sample Twitter Card

Find the Publish feature under the Board Settings tab. If you haven't used the Publish feature before it lets you create a snapshot of your board that you can share with anyone through a unique URL.

New File Type Import Support: SVG

In addition to PPT, DOC, XLS, CSV, RTF, and TXT files you can now drag and drop .SVG files to a board and render them on the board. For more details on the File Import capability, see our Product Release from October 2021.

Get In Touch

As always, if you have questions about Dojoit, or want advice on applying Dojoit to your everyday work life, get in touch with us at

Let's Dojoit!

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