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How-to: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Drawing on Dojoit is already fast with our Autoshape and Type Anywhere functions. To further make your experience even faster, we have a number of built-in shortcuts.

Shortcut Highlight: Quick object duplication

All commands

(For Mac use Cmd key / For Windows use Ctrl key)

👆 Cmd+E to switch between the 'Select tool' and 'Drawing tool'

⌨️ Cmd+Arrow to duplicate towards direction while the object is selected

🔄 Cmd+Z to Undo and Cmd+Shift+Z to Redo

🔍 Cmd+'+' to Zoom in Cmd+'-' to Zoom out

🖱 To select an object while drawing, just 'Double Click' on it

💨 Double Click outside (on the empty area) to switch back to the Drawing tool

🌫 While 'Select tool' is selected, press 'Tab' to select other objects by their index

✍️ While a 'Drawing tool" is selected, press 'Tab' to change drawing tools

🎮 Move Objects or Pan board with Arrow or Shift+Arrow

🎳 Shift+Select to select multiple objects

Shortcut reference

To see the above list at any time, use the help center:

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And as always, feel free to send an email to sensei@dojoit.com with any questions, comments or ideas.

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