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Dojoit is open for sign up! 🎉 And lots of new features to boot.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we have opened the site for anyone to sign up.

We’ve received amazing feedback on how we can make the product better, and even more Zen. Here are feature highlights:

Unified Toolbox

All the main drawing tools and color selections are now in a single box to reduce clicks. We also:

  • Added an image upload button (you can also still drag and drop or copy/paste images)

  • Increased line arrow size

  • Added white and transparent color choices to the toolbox

  • Added a Text tool icon: it pops up a reminder to new users that no text tool is required on Dojoit

Shift time

Undo/redo buttons are now at your fingertips, or if you prefer, keyboard shortcuts are still at your disposal.

Easy Zoom

Pre-selected zoom levels and an automated fit to screen make zooming in and out a cinch.

Easy Pan

We changed the pan icon to a hand. And now, after you select the pan tool, you can also pan the entire board with keyboard arrows (pro-tip: hold shift key to move faster).

High-grade exports

We doubled the image quality when you export the board view. For added Zen, use the "Fit to Screen" under Zoom and then export.

Precision control

Select and move objects with keyboard arrows, one pixel at a time. Or hold the shift key to move 10x faster.

Auto Shape objects as you draw? You choose.

You can now turn on/off Auto Shape at will.

Let's Dojoit!

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