Agile Teams

Help team members communicate and collaborate on tasks in real time. Dojoit's online whiteboard can be used to sketch out user stories, plan sprints, and track progress.


Brain Storming

Quickly sketch out ideas and share them with others. You can also use the online whiteboard to vote on ideas, and track the progress of individual ideas.


Mind Mapping

Generate new ideas or solve problems together in real time. Create mind maps, diagrams, and sketches that help you visualize your thoughts. 



Enables collaboration between different stakeholders and teams in the planning process of your project or business strategy. Dojoit whiteboard is a perfect tool for strategy sessions.


Visual Notetaking

Dojoit whiteboard makes it easy to take notes during meetings or lectures. It also provides an effective platform that involves different team members in the note-taking process.


Design Thinking

Dojoit is the perfect tool for a Design Thinking use case. It is an effective platform that helps teams work together more efficiently for your project or business strategy session.


UX Design

Quickly and collaboratively wireframe an idea, define workflows and product concepts with your team. Gets stakeholders involved in the UX design process of your project.


Online Interview

Remote interviews cut down on recruiting costs and save time and energy. Use Dojoit whiteboard for real-time online interviews.

Online whiteboard use cases

Top Online Whiteboard Use Cases

Dojoit enables a wide range of online whiteboard use cases. Our patent-pending online whiteboard is easy to use for real-time and asynchronous collaboration.

Work smart, not hard!

A powerful tool for many use cases

An online whiteboard is a powerful tool for organizing teamwork and communication. To show you the potential of this tool, we have compiled top online whiteboard use cases that will help you get more out of your Dojoit experience.

True Real-Time Online Whiteboard

Dojoit is a free, interactive whiteboard that allows people to collaborate on sketches and drawings in real time. The Dojoit Online Whiteboard can be used for many different purposes. To show you the potential of this tool, we have compiled eight online whiteboard use cases that will help you get more out of your Dojoit account.

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