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Dojoit’s online whiteboard enables flexible visual note-taking

Visual Notetaking

Dojoit’s online whiteboard collaboration tool makes visual notetaking easy and fun

The power of visual notetaking

Visual notetaking is engaging and improves recollection – whether captured individually or as a group. Studies show that we communicate visually 60,000 times faster than by text alone.

Easy mindmapping on Dojoit

Capture notes on your own or in a group

While capturing notes in pure text has value, adding shapes and images turns your average note into a superstar.

Dojoit is optimized for speed, to let you capture notes without having to worry about a complex user interface. And with our low learning curve, you're up and running in no time.

And should you wish to share your notes with others it's as easy as inviting them to the board.

Taking visual notes in a shared group is really powerful. It lets everyone stay focused on the same conversation. And Dojoit makes it even more engaging because everyone can draw and write at the same time. No longer do you need to screen share when capturing and sharing notes -- just have everyone logged into Dojoit to share the same board.

How Dojoit online whiteboard collaboration tool facilitates visual notetaking

Whether you're notetaking by yourself or as a team, Dojoit's flexibility makes it easy and effective. Use Dojoit's Type-to-Text feature to seamlessly go from typing to adding objects and images. Our auto shape function makes adding shapes really fast.

Dojoit lets you engage everyone on your team, regardless of location. By giving everyone a chance to add their ideas in real-time, you keep everyone excited and motivated and crucially minimize the risk of miscommunication.

Reuse and revisit the same board to gain a history of what you've noted down so far – becoming a simple knowledge management tool. 

The beauty of using Dojoit for visual notetaking is that you'll get a repository of your prior sessions that you can revisit at any time. If someone wasn't able to make the meeting, just invite them with a single click for them to see the notes as well.

Dojoit online whiteboard collaboration tool facilitates visual notetaking
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